Celebrating Years and Years of Whimsy and Imagination
Art Ambush – December 9, 2013

Jadestar was sitting on monitor duty again, the feline stellar-powered superheroine mostly just relaxing for the moment as she checked on what was happening around the world.

Charmer walked in a little ways into it, the white rabbit grumbling as she blew dust out of her usual top hat and stalked in, fur looking rather more askew than usual for the mage rabbit.

Jadestar looked back at her. “Something wrong?”

Charmer brushed off some of the rest of her outfit. “Been trying a new spell, sort of a modified transport spell. Not been working out as well as I would like.”

Jadestar gave her with a curious look.

Charmer sighed. “Based on some of what I saw of Erwin, I was seeing if I could set up some sort of alternate timeline spell. I know there’s at least one other person who could cross timelines, and I was trying to do that myself. And it doesn’t seem to be working.”

The cat sighed. “Sounds dangerous.”

Charmer nodded. “Some; half the complexity of the spell is all the recall and protection capabilities worked…”

She was interrupted by the door opening behind her, and another Charmer walking through, grumbling. “This spell is just not… hunh?”

Jadestar blinked. “Umm…”

The first Charmer said, “Okay, maybe I didn’t have all the protective features worked out, or at least not all versions of me did.”

The second one put her hands on her hips. “Hey, are you saying I messed up this spell?”

“Isn’t that what you were just grumbling about yourself?”

“That’s not the…”

Which, of course, was when a third Charmer walked in, this one looking like she came out of the losing end of a paintball fight. “Why do the interdimensional portals always have such weird… Oh dear.”

The first Charmer was reduced to just slapping her face in frustration.

When a fourth rabbit appeared inside the room in a cloud of smoke, and was completely nude (apparently to her own astonishment as well as everybody else’s), all possibility of decorum broke down.

Jadestar shook her head. “Good thing Hyperferret isn’t here, or that picture would be plastered up all over the place. Especially with all four of you here.”

THAT caused a whole set of new defensive spells to get put in place.

Finally, the four of them working together managed to set up a spell that triggered some of the safeties of the original spell. There was a loud zap, and when it was over, there was only one Charmer left, with her fur stuck up in all directions.

Jadestar mock-pouted. “Aww, no fivesomes?”

Charmer glared at her. “Just for suggesting Hyperferret, I feel like I need to scrub myself down.”

Jadestar grinned. “Well, you know at least some of you figured out that spell, at least. Now you just have to hope they don’t keep popping up all over the place.”

The rabbit shuddered. “You are singing me to sleep tonight for that.” She stalked out of the monitor room, heading down to the washroom.

Jadestar laughed. “Oh, I think I can live with that.”

— by Jenora

Hopping, skipping, bunnying, and murdering
Be weary of these frightening beasts
All covered in fluff
And tearing up stuff
These little monsters will ruin your day
They come in many different guises
They camouflage in any environment
On rock, on grass on snow
I’ll let you in
on a secret only I know
They are not from this time
Nay, from the future they come
To conquer the past
So they might control whats in store
they brought weapons
they brought plans
they brought tools
and they brought pans
After all
you can’t cook your enemies without ’em

They have positioned themselves
They have prepared for the kill
They have all their plots in line
They have set their eyes on the goal
When they strike
not as soul will be prepared
First the children
They’ll disappear
And the parents will be left
with naught but a tear
Then when they have us
our defenses have fallen
They will reveal their target and goal
A shiny pair of wings
And the president of the United States
is hiding in a closet
Behind closed doors
but bunnies are resourcefull
the chew and they naw
With tooth and claw

The door flies open
And low and behold
Teddy Roosevelt
with his rifle held bold
A second rift in time
Brought this savior too us
And let me tell you
I would not believe
If not seen with my own eye
On this very day
Bunnies did fly

— by Dantorah