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Art Ambush FAQ

Art Ambush FAQ

  • What is the Ambush?
    The Ambush is a social gathering where a host throws out a topic, and everyone has a half hour to sketch their interpretation. Alternately, they might write a poem, a story, or compose a short music piece on their computer.
  • How do I submit pieces?
    Post it to a URL or email it to the host.
  • But what if I can’t submit it today?
    Just let the host know and then email it to them any time that week. We trust you…
  • What are topics like?
    Topics are usually silly, although they may be serious. For instance, one might involve you being kidnapped by the Kingdom of Guppies and taken to their Sewer Kingdom…or an interpretation of Dark City or another movie.
  • How big can file sizes be?
    Please try to keep them within reason. We’re not hurting for storage space, but neither do we wish to waste what we have.  Don’t, for instance, scan at super-high resolution for a small pencil sketch.
  • Will these pieces be displayed so my friends can see them?
  • But I don’t want it displayed?
    Just let the host know.
  • Do I have to be an artist?
    Everyone’s an artist! We keep it to 30 minutes to keep it fun and simple. Anything submitted is both a sketch and for the sheer fun of doing it, so please don’t be shy.
  • Can I attend even if I don’t participate?
    We’d be honoured if you did.
  • How do I see a list of recent URLs?
    Type ‘hURL #recent’ while within the Art Ambush area. Morticon wrote this program. It’s a wonderful little gem, don’t you think?
  • Can I submit non PG works?
    It depends on the location and the host. For mine, no, and generally not any held on SpinDizzy: please see ‘news behaviour’. Non PG pieces will not be posted to the site, or accepted for submission, and will be removed from the URL list.
  • Where is it held?
    Right where it used to be – at the Bristles and Pixels – luge N1 E8, B.
  • When is it held?
    The Art Ambush takes place on Monday nights, at 7pm MUCK time.
  • Who’s the host?
    Garrison Skunktaur.  See her if you have questions.

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