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Centaur FAQ

Centaur FAQ

SpinDizzy is a friendly place where all sorts of folks find themselves. Dragons, Cetans (A sort of amphibious dolphin) raccoons, bunnies and yes, foxes and bears all visit and do things and get along well.

This includes the small but noticable centaur population. Usually happy to talk, RP, or engage in puns, (Centaurs are well known for their enjoyment of puns), the centaurs are always careful to watch for smaller folks. They have hooves after all.

Folks often wonder about the centaur “hip bump”. When centaurs meet, they lightly bump their equine hips. This is just a greeting, a sort of secret handshake between them. Sometimes, others who are large enough to not be in danger of injury, (Centaurs are well aware of their relative size and strength and are careful to interact gently with others), will recieve a centaur hipbump.

Being a centaur is no easy task, but there are aspects of the form that make it desirable. Argon, local centaur, expressed the trials and triumphs of being a centaur as follows;

Argon and Mavra having a water fight.Being a Centaur is a wonderful thing. Having the strength, poise and grace of the form is a dream come true for many of us. But be SURE that you can deal with it. It’s not an easy adjustment to make if you were not born this way. Read the stories of others that have been transformed. Mavra went through a hell in her transformation, her friends shunned Jesse for a while, Chiron was teased and picked on, some morons even caused him to break a leg.

Learning to use the new form isn’t easy. You have two extra legs, and a tail for crying out loud. You feel as though you have an extra pair of arms, and you are walking on your finger and toe tips. Your center of gravity is lower, and you have to be very careful when you finally do learn to move around, because if you aren’t careful, you’ll knock something down, or break something with your increased strength.

You better have a thick skin if you plan to go out in public. Most people will treat you with fear and disgust, some will run away, or call you names and treat you like an animal. Nothing in the world is made for a Centaur. You can’t drive a car; you can’t get in most places, even if they would let you enter. The chances of getting a job you can do, and a house that you can live in is chancy at best. And if you think being a Centaur is cheap, you are dead wrong. You have to eat and eat a LOT! I weigh close to a ton, and I go through almost $500.00 worth of groceries a week. I have to find both a doctor and a veterinarian I can trust and that costs money. Being a Centaur is not inexpensive. Don’t think you’ll be the height of fashion with your clothing choices either. And cold weather is a nightmare. If you have an itch that’s out of reach of your torso, forget it, and personal hygiene is tedious at best (unless you have a Significant Other)

Finally, don’t have any hopes of love or marriage in this form. Human men and women see us as animals, and they find the idea of any sort of ‘relations’ with us repulsive. You might make some friends, but that is as far as it will go. Unless you meet other Centaurs face to face, and make a ‘love connection’ with one of them, you will have to get used to being shunned and lonely because you will be that way for a Centaur’s extremely long life span.

If you can deal with these and other problems that come with being a Centaur in the human world, then that’s great. But from what I know of other Centaurs I have met and talked to, and about myself, it takes a special kind of person to be one. To endure the inconvenience and heartache being a Centaur causes takes enormous effort. Most of us have been able to adapt to it and have done pretty well, but others have not. What we Human to Centaur transformees share, is our love for Centaurs when we were human. What surprised us all were the problems the form caused. Things we failed to consider as we imagined ourselves in this form.

Finally, if you wish to be changed into a Centaur. I have bad news. Neither I or any other Centaurs I know changed themselves. All of us were transformed by means outside of our control and at a terrible cost in some cases. If I could change people into Centaurs, I could make a million dollars in a day. But I would have to be careful. It takes a special kind of person to be a Centaur. Not just to handle the difficulties of the form, but to carry the idea of ‘Centaurness’ on. Not anyone is able to handle or be worthy of the form. So you are on your own in finding a way to change.

Please, think carefully about what you are asking for. Think of the problems and troubles you will have to deal with and endure FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. If you decide that you still wish to be a Centaur, then I wish you the best of luck in your search for a method to become one of us.

The centaurs can be offended when refered to as horses. There is no doubt they have an “equine aspect” that is very similar to the body of a horse, but no horse has a human torso in place of its neck and head. A centaur has what some refer to as a “centaur state of mind.”

Again, Argon, explained his perception of this;

Folks have asked what a Centaur really is? What makes a person a Centaur? It seems that there is more to being a Centaur than just the joining of human and equine attributes. It is a way of thinking, a type of personality and tolerance for others. What I have named, ‘The Centaur State of Mind’.

Being a Centaur is as much a state of mind as a physical form. Look at what we as Centaurs have in common. We are open minded, tolerant, eager to learn new things and meet new people. The most impossible and outrageous ideas and situations are accepted without a second thought. We enjoy one another’s company but are generally solitary when it comes to others. Most of us are single, and as humans, had dull lives for the most part. Although we now have the form of Centaurs, what makes us such is ‘us’, what’s inside. Those who think as we do, who have the patience, and compassion we who have attained the Centaur form have, those who still are human, but share the mental and personality attributes of the ‘Centaur State of Mind’ are Centaurs, in mind if not in form.

We all have a special love and respect for the Centaur, and it’s form. We have all as humans imagined ourselves in this form, we wanted to be what we are today. As Centaurs, none of us have really changed, we are the same ‘people’ inside as we were before we transformed. And we share attributes of those who have been Centaurs from birth.

My point is this, it isn’t our forms that make us Centaurs, it’s what we are inside, and the kinds of people we were and are that have made us Centaurs.

Of course, there are those who have a Centaur form, or claim they do, yet don’t share these Centaur attributes, the ‘Centaur Posers’. True, they may look like Centaurs, but upon closer examination, you can see that they do not posses the smooth blending of the two forms, the melding of the human and Centaur minds. They are indecisive, nervous, they are unsure of themselves and are suspicious of the intentions of others. They are unlike any real Centaur you will meet. These ‘Centaur Posers’ are the ones who make all Centaurs look bad. They have the form, but not the mindset, and only the mindset makes you a Centaur, the form is secondary.

Being a Centaur is a physical form, but most importantly, it is a state of mind. Something that we all have, and share with one another. Those who already are Centaurs inside, can easily become Centaurs outside. It’s a change within that makes it happen, not some DNA experiments, or magic, or alien transdimentional experiments. Those are just excuses for making the physical change. And only those who have this ‘Centaur State of Mind’ are truly Centaurs. The physical form is a side effect of being a Centaur. The transformation into the Centaur form, is a secondary result of having the Centaur mindset. A sign of completion, if you will, of a union of ideas and thought processes that manifest themselves as the Centaur form.

If you have to ask how to become a Centaur, if you haven’t any idea as to how to make the change yourself, or if you look like a Centaur but don’t have the ‘Centaur State of Mind’, then you will never be a true Centaur. Those humans who have the ‘Centaur State of Mind’ but not the form, are Centaurs, and will soon achieve the Centaur form. Those of us who have both, ‘The Centaur State of Mind’ and the Centaur form, are of course the luckiest. And for this I am thankful.

Of course, all centaurs, like people, are different, some are more inclined to let their equine natures guide them while others lean more to their human sensibilities.

But all centaurs are friendly, and most will be happy to tell you about what being a centaur is like. So next time you see one, say hello!

But ask permission before jumping on their backs. They prefer not to be treated as horses, and an unexpected landing on one’s back may result in you being tossed to the ground!