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Civet FAQ

Civet FAQ

Civet Slangs and Sounds for Spindizzian Civilians

The civet is a curious, active and usually quite vocal critter though many folks don’t fully understand its speech pattern and posturing.  This amazing animal is able to convey many things using its seemingly limited language.

From my studies I have been able to get an idea or even understand what a civet means simply by listening to these sounds and noting postures.  I am Doctor Woordenschat and today I will offer you some of the common verbal language elements of the common ‘magical’ palm civet.

Although many of these sounds begin with V it is not uncommon for a civet to substitute other guttural letter sounds such as B and G to create a somewhat different yet otherwise similar meaning.  Additionally the sounds are also optionally shortened or lengthened for effect.

vrack (vra(ah)hck) – This is most commonly a greeting by many civets showing that it recognizes the individual or individuals it is posturing too or with.  It other meanings seem to beas you have got my attention what do you want now or the likes.

vit – A fundamental of the civet language which is a general affirmation of having and keeping a civet’s attention.  It typically means what’s up, how’s it going, or I am in agreement or interested.  It is not uncommon to here a series or stream of vits from the civet.

vitters – The vitter is actually a long quick repeating vit which typically means a probable yes with some concern or please continue, more than likely.  If a civet continually vitters it means the creature is quite fascinated with the current topic.

vit vit vit – A distinct sound from the simple vit usually stated when a civet is tired of what the subject is saying or doing, additionally a civet may deem the individual obstinate or otherwise no longer useful.  The triple vit may also be stated in a less than friendly way but almost always indicates that you have lost the civet interest and attention.

vur, vuhrs, vurur or vuuhruuhr  – Another staple of the civet language and which generally interpreted as satisfaction, a positive note or pleased contentment.  It is said the cheerfulness of a civet may be measured by the length of it vur.

vivurs – This is an interesting combination of the vit and vur which usually notes a genuine maybe, please explain or oh really.

vurrit – A fascinating mix of the vur and vit in reverse order which usually identifies a sense of mischief and nosiness, meaning something such as it is none of my business but I am going to do it anyway.

vragh, vraagghs  – This is one of the more guttural sounds a civet makes when indicating a sense of agitation, annoyance or frustration.  When made by another civet or even critter it will be interpreted as a cry for help or a contest dependent on the speaker.  Much like the vur the span of a vragh will indicate how perturbed the civet is.

rarghs – Much like the vragh this sound indicates anger, hostility and a more pure outrage but may also be you are so eaten.  It is usually rarely heard but may happen from an agitated or sick civet.
This covers some of the very basics of the civet and its means of communication.  I hope it will be useful to you the reader.  Words of caution do be careful when speaking as not to taunt the common ‘magical’ palm civet.  This may occur by using their language improperly as they have been known to eat folks.  Many a journalist was lost (though eventually retrieved) to pass on this information.