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Tracking Events

How do I keep track of all this stuff going on on SpinDizzy all the time? If only there were a calendar I could look at!

Two read-only SpinDizzy Google calendars, just for you! Use the appropriate link below, to subscribe in Google, sync to your calandar or device, or whatever!

SpinDizzy Events (Google calendar id dr.bunnyhugger@gmail.com): XML iCAL HTML

SpinDizzy birthdays (Google calendar id vrves5ltan2mivocscj8o8tic0@group.calendar.google.com): XML iCAL HTML

(And now, the rest of the story!) Good news! I’m about to give you an answer to a question you may never have asked yourself! It’s a very important answer, if you like SpinDizzy events! Ready for the question? Here it is!

How do I keep track of all this stuff going on on SpinDizzy all the time?

Wow! I’m glad you asked! If you’re a fan of having your own calendar of events that you can view, import, and have updated for you, there’s great news for you —¬†there is one! …actually, two!

SpinDizzy has two specially maintained calendars; one for its events, and a second for birthdays of residents who choose to be on that calendar. If you’ve seen the “upcoming events” list on the front page of this very newspaper, then you’ve seen what the calendar can already do!

Ways you can use these awesome calendars to tell you when stuff is going on:

  • Sync one or both of the calendars into your own (You want to use “one way sync”: Google calendar to your calendar, so you can read changes. These are read-only calendars!) You can do this with Microsoft Outlook, or OS X iCal, to give two examples!
  • If you use Gmail Calendar, you can “Add a calendar”¬†directly, either the events, birthdays, or both, so that you can see these events in your own schedule! The events calender ID to put into the search field is bunnyhugger@ameritech.net , and if you’d like birthdays, use vrves5ltan2mivocscj8o8tic0@group.calendar.google.com .

Want your birthday added to the birthday calendar, or know of an event that should be on the events calendar, but isn’t? Page-mail BunnyHugger on SpinDizzy, or comment on this page.