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Letters of Einstein and Rosen – Prologue

“Letters of Einstein and Rosen: Prolog”
By Kantuck Nadie Nata-Akon

Clan Nata-Akon
Sol System, Earth
16 September 3013 (subjective time)

Grandfather, grandmother,
mother, father,
sisters, and brothers.

I pray to Unahlahnauhi, the Great Spirit, this letter reaches you, in good health and spirits.

My apologies for the delay in writing. The events of the last moon has been exceptionally time consuming. I was asked to participate in a faire, and my assistance consumed quite a bit of time. Still it was enjoyable and, I have enclosed a copy of the faire’s “Arrow of Progress1”  which includes one of my pieces of literature.

My lovers send their best wishes to you as well. Niny also sends an additional note of desire to meet everyone someday, even though she is not of our species her heart is good. Lastly Crazyhorse indicates that he is working diligently in several areas to make my exile more comfortable, even though I find it unnecessary. I have my good health, comfortable living quarters, friends, and lovers. I have no want of anything.

This last moon has been busy for several reasons. As you are probably aware, this is the anniversary of my accidental exile. Two years ago, I came to this odd planetoid, but only in the last moon have I started to actually gathered enough data that suggests a major finding.

Since receiving your last warp shuttle package, and learning of my new adopted brother, Pahana, I wish to extend Siyu as well as a quick update of what I have learned.

On the 29 Oct 3011, there was an uncontrolled Einstein-Rosen Bridge, or ERB, incident in the Cythereain Sol Subway area. I happened to be in the vicinity and while performing rescues, Crazyhorse and I was captured by an uncontrolled ERB, or what is known to the general public as a “Wild worm”, and deposited approximately…. .613 parsecs from a previously unknown spindizzy.

Judging by my telescopic observations of the star this spindizzy orbits, it appears to be α Piscis Austrini. Problems with this however, came, when I received my first library database. There is no planets or any sort of artificial structures in orbit around Fomalhaut. The entries in my library also reenforce my memories of Earth history. Specifically, the first warp probes, launched in the early twenty-second century, never detected anything but a proto-planetary disk. However Crazyhorse’s humvee’s limited sensors detected this spindizzy from our two light year position.

Of equal or perhaps greater significance, is the amount and variety of uplifted animal species on this spindizzy. Far more than our twelve breeds, including the honored four that is no longer with us.

A short list of some of the species I have met.

1. Mythological species; Westly5 is apparently a true Sanguinarian, and I have even met orthodox centaurs; A highly intelligent stallion by the name of Kefan8 who would made Chiron proud.
1. Several, non Púcaian metamorphs.
2. There are several Plentycaels I have met, that somehow are sapient, yet their bodies are no larger than 25 or so centimeters; Ping, as an example, is a sapient mouse4.
3. Claude, although at only a meter in height, reminds me very much of a true plentycael felis silvestris catus or domestic cat. In fact his role as my didehyohvsgi, has been quite invaluable in my studies of this place.
4. Within a few weeks of my exile, I met a male whom I mistook for a buck Anikawi. But over time, I found that Jukka is not Anikawi, but another type of cervinae. I have attached his holo2. We have grown quite close in my time here, and he accepted my invitation to be a lovemate.
5. Finally in the last year, I met another plentycael; one of a species I have never seen or even read in, “The Dodd catalog of known extrasolar species.” If you can please send a copy of the holo and the following observations, to the Grey’s representative. Ask if they are aware of her species, and what could obtained.3

Niny’ah, or better known to us as Niny, is an extrasolar species called a “Seirmerine” which I met a year after I arrived. She was within a clothing shop I frequent, and we struck up a conversation.

She has said, and I have confirmed by her physiology, that her species evolved near water as a food source. She noted a similarity to the otters shown in holovids, and noted her species are divers and gathers of aquatic substance.

There is very little fur upon her entire body, except for a mane of pure white upon her head. She is bipedal with wide webbed feet and hands. She is also equipped with a tail nearly as long as she is tall, and is partly prehensile; which she has used like a third hand. Her eyes are large and, she has noted she sees most strongly in the green spectrum; which penetrates deepest in water. I have noticed at times, her night vision is probably as well developed as mine, suggesting a tapetum lucidum. Surprisingly she has no problems being able to stay outside of water for long periods.

Personality wise, I have met few who are as intelligent and passionate as her, which I find quite refreshing. An accomplished musician of precession instruments, similar to our drums. Along with my flute, we at times entertain ones at various establishments. She is a dancer of surprising skill, exhibiting a fluid and sensual grace.

Recently she has confided in me, that her species just developed FTL drive. Hence I’m judging her planet’s level of technology to be around our late twenty-first to early twenty-second century.

Now I wish to present to the entire clan, the evidence I mentioned earlier in this letter.

At first I considered the possibility that I was within a different timeline. The star this planetoid orbits, and Sol appears to be the correct A3 V, and G2 V, stellar classification, respectively, and there is a noticeable degree of particulates in Fomalhaut space. But because stellar evolution, as slow as it is, a few thousand years could pass for either star, and I would be unable to notice any differences.

Claude came up with an alternate theory, which explains two aspects my theory doesn’t; the plentycael population, and how people appear and disappear at random.

Claude has come to a conclusion, and we both now believe we’re in a parallel universe, and this spindizzy is, for lack of a better term, a nexus of realities. If the multiverse theory, as well as the David Deutsch inter-universe travel theories are all correct. Then all of the Plentycaels I have met, could be from alternate realities. History is replete of cryptozoological animals, and sapients, Centaurs for example, which would explain the appearance of many mythological species.

Claude has taken my method of exile for the second part of his theory. Can ERBs also manifest themselves on planets? Randomly pick sapients off their home planets, and deposit them here? If so, can that happen here as well? Crazyhorse has multiple probes in orbit that is sensitive to the type of radiation signature of an ERB event, but so far in the past year none have been detected.

This part of Claude’s theory raised a red-flag in my mind. For it gives the impression of an intelligent design and control. I ask; why only sapients? I have yet to see any non-sapient lifeforms randomly appearing and disappearing. There is plants and non-sapient fish, but I understand, those came from the inhabitants, and the occasional extrasolar beings.

This part of our theory is reinforced by the spindizzy itself. Strangely, none here has any clue as to who built it, nor is their any archeological data of that nature. This planetoids has 1G gravity generators, and FTL drives, flat upon the top, and below, the ‘south pole’ for lack of a better term, is ragged and raw. No, this spindizzy is intelligently constructed, suggesting a life form at the level of one of the ancients, if not one of the first-borns.

I will note with a degree of sadness, the appearance and disappearance of other sapients has been a sore spot for all of us as well, for many was friends and lovers. To see them one day and the next, gone, is something we do not wish to speak of, but it has happened far too many times. Michael, a Caprican-like plentycael, disappeared about a year ago. Of equal depression, I will note some do not return or disappear. I pray to Unahlahnauhi that he watches over, and cradles the fallen, such as Findra6,7, who’s loss still pains all of us.

In conclusion, I wish to thank you for the seeds, and additional plans for devices. Crazyhorse is still constructing some of the other devices sent last moon, which keeps him occupied. I must admit he can construct devices far faster and more efficient with his new android doppelganger, than I. It took me nearly three months to build that persona for him. He constructed four more of various designs in a week after he downloaded into the android. We’re more relieved by the fact he was able to manufacturer several dozen positronic brains, which has been scattered in orbit and around the spindizzy. Now no longer concerned about his deactivation, we can proceed. I am quite indebted to his assistance and friendship.

Oh and thank you, Pahana, for the new book files. I especially enjoyed “The legend of half-deer.” It amuses me at times, how the native American humans worshiped and revered our feral ancestors. I wonder, if they would have thought differently of the Anikawi, or the feral white-tail deer before our uplift?

I remain yours, daughter, and sister.
Kantuck Nadie Nata-Akon.

Hyperlink list:
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“Letters of Einstein and Rosen: Prolog”
By Kantuck Nadie Nata-Akon
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