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Multi-fur FAQ

Multi-fur FAQ for SpinDizzy

  • Q: What’s a multi-fur?
    A: Multi-furs are any furry creature with more than it’s fair share of limbs or heads. This doesn’t include Kitsunes (who are entitled to multiple tails) or Centaurs (who are entitled to multiple legs) because of their natures.
  • Q: Why multiple heads, arms, legs, whatever?
    A: To be honest, why not? In a culture like SpinDizzy, where weirdness is encouraged, multiple limbs or heads is a logical step to take.
  • Q: A head isn’t a limb?
    A: Most of the multi-furs say no. Heads are much more sophisticated and complicated than an arm, leg or tail, especially for a shape-changer. Also, that isn’t a question.
  • Q: How does it happen?
    A: There are various ways of gaining a new head or limb, historically. Magical curses, technological marvels, strange potions or weird radiation have all worked at some point.
  • Q: Can you change back to normal?
    A: It depends on how the change happened. Curses and potions might fade in time, or technology might find a way to undo the changes. Have fun figuring it out!
  • Q: Does two heads mean there’s two people?
    A: Sometimes, but not always. Other times all the heads are controlled by the same person.
  • Q: Do you argue with yourself?
    A: Some multi-headed creatures do, if each head has its own personality. Most get along very well with themselves.
  • Q: Do your two heads have different thoughts?
    A: If each head has it’s own personality, definitely. Otherwise, all thoughts are shared.
  • Q: Do you see double?
    A: No. Each head processes it’s own sensory information. Sometimes, if the head’s brand new, there can be some confusion, but it passes with time and experience.
  • Q: What about breathing, eating, sleeping and such? With multiple heads, it must be difficult.
    A: Not at all. Even though there’s more heads, there’s still only one body. Hyperventilation can be a problem during periods of excitement, but again “experience is the best teacher.”
  • Q: How do you decide which head says what?
    A: That’s up to the individual, but usually it’s the head that was the “original” or whichever one isn’t eating, drinking or talking to someone else.
  • Q: Do both heads feel everything from your whole body, or does the left feel the left side and the right feel the right side?
    A: Depends on the curse/technology/weird science. Most of the time, both heads feel everything from the whole of the body.
  • Q: Are multi-armed folks still right- or left-handed?
    A: Usually people with multiple arms are multi-ambidexterous, to take full advantage of it. Anything’s possible, though.
  • Q: Is this multi-head thing a new trend?
    A: Not at all. Tales abound in mythology of multiple-headed creatures. Cerberus, three-headed guardian of the ancient Greek underworld, is arguably the most famous.
  • Q: How many heads can a person have?
    A: Mythology tells of gods and demons with one hundred heads or more. For beginners, just two is good.

(thanks go to Beltrami for her inspiring balloonie FAQ, and Austin & Chanspot for their help in coming up with questions)