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Neo Republic FAQ

Neo Republic FAQ

The United Colonies of the Neo Republic

  • What is the Neo Republic? The Neo Republic is a group of united colonies throughout the galaxy.
  • Is Spindizzy a part of the Neo Republic?
    Yes and no.Yes in the sense that the Spindizzy falls into a protected area of Neo Republic space.

    No in the sense that Spindizzy has not petitioned to become a member and that the Queen will not allow any outside force besides herself and her close staff onto the little planet.

  • How is the Neo Republic organized?
    The Neo Republic is ruled by Grand Council of members selected from various colonies either through election or assignment. An elected individual who represents the ideals of all of the colonies leads the council. The level above that is the monarchy. Any problems that the Grand Council cannot decide upon will be decided on the ruling member of the Royal Family. In this case the Crown Queen will make the decision.
  • Who is the Crown Queen?
    Alicia S.A. Vulpnine-Firestorm. Otherwise known as Alicia Vulpnine.
  • Are there any other members of the Royal Family?
    There is only one heir to the throne, Prince Alexander Kira Vulpnine. He will inherit the throne once he marries. Alicia did have a daughter who was to succeed her but she was lost during birth and presumed dead.
  • Are there any other important figures of the Neo Republic on Spindizzy?
    Rebecca Katherine Lotus, Becky, is the Captain of the Knights and the Commander-in-chief of the Neo Republic Militia.
  • How is the Neo Republic connected to the RP community on Spindizzy?
    The Neo Republic often plays into the space area around Spindizzy however there are instances where the Royal Family will have problems that they ask the people of Spindizzy to help them with. As a general rule the Neo Republic has an age of technology that is a step advanced from Spindizzy, it’s with Queen Alicia’s orders that she does not want direct contact so she’ll gather the help of the people of Spindizzy if she can.
  • Who do I go to if I have an idea for the Neo Republic RP?
    Ask Alicia, Alex, or Becky about it. They will be happy to hear the idea out and take it into reality.
  • Is the Neo Republic RP a public one?
    It’s more of a semi-public since the action can be somewhat intense. Most of the RP’s are private but tie into the general flow of Spindizzy as though as not to disrupt any other RP’s or public interest.