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April Fool’s Pranks Alter Language, Chickamauga

A collection of April Fool’s pranks came to SpinDizzy to see out the end of Easter Weekend. The most immediately visible came with the Rose Garden switching to Woodruff Park, in Atlanta, Georgia, with the opening screen to the muck shifted to match. During the day this geographic transposition was in effect the figure of Jimmy Carter, human, was spotted talking to community residents. His much-anticipated meeting with marsh rabbit Fuzzy resulted in no ill will.

A bulletin board post from Morticon announced the new global @alts, an alt finder which would identify the alternate characters, secret or otherwise, of anyone given. Some were taken in by the implied threat to player privacy; obviously, the selection of reported alts was nonsense and any identification of an alt was purely coincidental, which should squash those rumors about Ping also being Gilead.

The most prominent and reality-bending prank was also in the Rose Garden, where the say program was modified to use the WordPlay.muf. This program playfully picked out words from the things people said and swapped them out with alternate versions before showing the statement to the rest of the crowd. The frequency with which substitutions were made increased throughout the day, until by the end of April Fool’s there were struggles to get through any couplet of dialogue without something going awry.

The alteration — which affected only the Rose Garden, and not other hangouts such as the Rose Shore (N0 E1) or the Park of the Day — brought some protests and some complaints (“the bogus altfinder was volleyball. Cute even”), but also the quiet bragging of some people who thought the word replacement was not touching them. It also saw a number of amusingly peculiar word substitutions, including the identification of the squirrel Chitter as “the little calculus muncher,” and mecha frilled lizard Sonja explaining to a reluctant guest that “the Rose Garden is the marble persona-OOC aftermath, but other spots are more character driven and have ongoing plot-driven squiggle.” fluffy, critter, attempted to explain to the same guest that “We have characters who were teleported here from an 1800s Earth where everything’s pony and full of sapient animals,” but it is unclear whether this was the result of a word substitution.

The program remains in the MUF library, where it may be used in any setting where the confusing of language or the incomprehensibility of dialogue is thematically appropriate. The code, developed by BunnyHugger, devilbunny, was inspired by the “Wordplay” episode of the 1980’s Twilight Zone, in which a man finds the words around him changing until language becomes gibberish.

Kern Repairs Featherwing Until Arms Fall Off

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In a visit early this month clockwork inca tern Kern, who professes to have responsibilities for making the world work right yet also typically sounds crazy, spotted Featherwing, who was […]


Whispering Walls Mall To Host Sleepover

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Senior Minister Beltrami announced a sleepover set for Friday night at 8 pm muck time (11 pm Eastern Time) at the Whispering Walls Mall. The mall, opened several months ago […]


Selected WordPlay Highlights

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For those who missed the WordPlay day in the Rose Garden we offer some highlights of altered dialogue. Skyler says, “I tangerine that’s not boundary what Kern had in mind.” […]


Auditors Find No Evidence of Embezzlement

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Recent investigations into corporate irregularities were halted. Auditors found no evidence of misconduct, but when a few employees of several of the firms under investigation not only quit, but abruptly […]


Karl Sez: Honey Boo Boo Coming to SpinDizzy?

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While this reporter can’t confirm it, the star of cable TV has teamed up with superstars on SpinDizzy to create a new room: Honey Boo Boo’s Bar And Grill. Rumored food […]


Karl Sez: Time Capsule Soon, Olympics Later

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SpinDizzy’s famous Olympics have been scheduled for 2014, according to Olympic Co-ordinator BunnyHugger. Meanwhile, the opening of the 2010 time capsule will take place at this summer’s World’s Fair. Do you […]


A Wave of Embezzlement?

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DATELINE: Recently!  Unless you’re reading this in an archive or you’re a parrot and this is on the bottom of your cage!  And if you are a parrot and you […]


New Town, Rose Garden to Be Linked by Monorail

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A contract to develop a transportation link between the Rose Garden and New Town (S4 W7) has been awarded to the Rose Garden & New Town Transportation Company, represented by BunnyHugger, […]


Zen Experiences Inflatability; Mote, Mahwah Now Creatures

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Zen Malori Fetcher, mouse, has taken in recent days to showing off an inflatamouse form. In this form the five-inch-tall mouse is a slightly chubby latex balloon, with seams […]