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Olympics FAQ

Q. What is the SpinDizzy Olympics?
A. The SpinDizzy Olympics takes two forms, the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics. It is an opportunity to come together in the spirit of friendship and sportsmanship and challenge each other to reach our full potential.

Q. What sports are represented in the Olympics?
A. Both traditional and nontraditional sports are represented. Past Olympics have included expected events such as diving, swimming, and skiing, and unexpected ones such as Boggle and scavenger hunting. The events are limited only by the desire of SpinDizzians to organize them.

Q. Who can compete in the Olympics? Do I have to be good at it?
A. Any SpinDizzian can compete in any event. There is no requirement that one be highly skilled; some memorable, crowd-favorite performances have been given by those who gave it the old college try despite obvious deficiencies in ability.

Q. What teams compete in the Olympics? Can I compete without a team?
A. During the first Olympics, the intention was to have teams represent different “home worlds” (MUCKs). Few athletes, however, identified with a home world other than SpinDizzy, so the emphasis ended up being on individual competition. For the second Olympics, teams were given a broader definition so that any group of individuals with a common theme (such as species or occupation) could form a team, and as a result team competition became a much greater part of the events. Athletes, however, are not required to join a team and may compete as independent Olympians.

Q. Where is the Olympics held?
A. Olympic events are held at various locations around SpinDizzy. For the 2012 Summer Olympics, Sally built an Olympic Park that served as a primary venue and is expected to continue being the center of the action in future Games. The Olympic Park is located at S1 E10.

Q. When was the first Olympics held? When will the next one be held?
A. The first Olympics was a Winter Games held in 2010. The second Olympics was the 2012 Summer Games. The next will be held in 2014 and will be a Winter Games.

Q. Who is responsible for the Olympics?
A. The Olympics is the product of a combined effort by many competitors, judges, and event organizers. The first Olympics was conceived and executed by BunnyHugger. She has subsequently been assisted by Sally, Morticon, NBC, and others. To become part of the organizing committee for future Olympics, contact BunnyHugger by page #mail.

Q. How can I learn more about the Olympics?
A. Some historical information about past Olympics can be found at the Olympic Park, as well as in the SpinDizzy News under keyword “olympics.”