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Skunky Society of SpinDizzy

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Q: What is the Skunky Society of SpinDizzy?

A: The Skunky Society of Spindizzy is a loose association of skunks and those that wish to hang out with skunks in a friendly environment on the world known as SpinDizzy.

Q: What’re the aims of the society?

A: We wish to dispell the myth that skunks are smelly, or of an otherwise unsavory nature.   Skunks may be engaged in any number of wonderful projects or relationships without fear or stigma! Skunks are people too!

Q: Are only skunks welcomed in the society?

A: No. Anyone may join the society at any time with the general approval of the current members of the society.

Q: What does this society do?

A: We are very casual in our organization and may sponsor any number of events or activities with the general populace of SpinDizzy. We wish to further skunk acceptance and celebration by participating in wonderful new things on SpinDizzy!

Q: If anyone is welcomed, why bother calling it a skunky society?

A: Those that wish to join yet are not actual skunks themselves (anthropomorphic or not) may ask to be regarded as ‘honorary skunks’ for the purposes of joining the society or participating in society activities.

Q: Who may be regarded as an ‘honorary skunk?’

A: Anyone that gains approval of the society members (which are awake at the time) may be accepted and indicate such membership by wearing either a) skunky garb- a costume or faux skunk tail or other regalia or b) simply wearing the skunky society emblem as a button or on a prominent article of clothing.

Q: Can someone be ‘kicked out’ of the society?

A: The only way someone will be expelled or disavowed by the society is if they violate any of SpinDizzy’s AUP to the extent that action is taken against them by the wizards in charge. Reinstatement will be contingent upon steps taken by the former member to return to good standing with SpinDizzy and the current members of the society.

Q: What is the overall purpose to all of this?

A: To maintain a happy and vibrant group of likeminded people on SpinDizzy and to have FUN overall!


List of Members of the Skunky Society

Skunky Society flyer from the 2013 World's Fair.

Skunky Society flyer from the 2013 World’s Fair.