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The Fuzzy Yarns Story Circle (FYSC) FAQ

To the best of my knowledge, the Story Circle is no longer active – Sally


The Fuzzy Yarns Story Circle (FYSC)

  • Introduction
    The Fuzzy Yarns Story Circle (FYSC) was once a weekly event at Spindizzy. Now, it is only held every so often, but the tradition of a Halloween circle remains.
  • History
    The first FYSC began in 1995 on a MUCK called “Brazilian Dreams II”. Tarka, local otter, was a participant in those first FYSC sessions. When he found Toons, Fur & Fluff (the muck in existence before Spindizzy) in 1998, he began his own FYSC. With the help of a fur named Shadowkat, he created the FYSC program, a basis for the program we use on Spindizzy today. Since then, the weekly FYSC sessions have faded in and out of popularity. Today, a FYSC session runs only occasionally. But there are still devoted fans who attend almost every one of the sessions.
  • How to Participate
    For those who are unfamiliar with the Story Circle idea, everyone meets in the Gaelic Ruin (s1 e1), and those who want to participate type ‘join’ (minus the quotations) to sit in the circle. Of course, if you just want to hear the story and not participate, that’s fine too. Typing ‘list’ will allow you to see who’s in the circle. Starting with myself or Tarka (the original creator of the Fuzzy Yarns and Story Circle), we will type up about a paragraph of an original story based on our weekly theme. We will then pose or say “Pass” and the person who is next in line (again, type ‘list’ to see in what order the is going) and the next person will begin the story. If your turn is next and you want to type something, you must first type the letters ‘st’, and then continue the story. For example, if you want to put the sentence “Tarka went to the store” in the story, you would type “st Tarka went to the store” and it would show up as part of the story. If you do not want to contribute to the story at that time, you may simply just type or pose “pass”, and the next person will take overStory Circles will last anywhere from 2 to 3 hours, and you are free to leave at anytime (just type ‘leave’ to leave the circle). The story will end when,a) Tarka and I both have to leave.
    b) Furs are begging me “Please, put us out of our misery and and END THIS STORY!” (meaning there is no more interest in the story) or,
    c) Everyone has to leave, and we will continue the story next week.For more information, or if I haven’t been clear at all, go to the Gaelic Ruins, south 1 then east 1 from the Rose Garden.

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