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The Society of Evil Doers (SED) – FAQ

SED FAQ v1.0

What does the SED stand for?
Officially, it stands for Society of Evil Doers, though Tarka may claim otherwise.

Who founded and leads the SED?
Tarka was the founder of our great organization and shared power with Moriarity for some time. As both have retired from active Spindizzy ‘duty’, Morticon connived his way into power and has been in that position for about ten years. He has no intent of stepping down any time soon.

What does the SED do (IC)?
The SED aims to promote evil deeds and chaos throughout Spindizzy, causing fear in the hearts of the innocent and do-gooders everywhere! One other goal that is always a constant is total Spindizzy domination! The SED may also have an interest in things that are not explicitly good or evil, providing they somehow relate to the SED’s goals or plots at the time.

What does the SED do (OOC)?
The SED is essentially an RP group. The RPs range from super silly (in the Rose Garden) to serious (almost everywhere else). The genres range from action/adventure, puzzle, epics, ‘domestic’ everyday life at the main headquarters, pure character interaction, and everything in between. Some of the RPs involve fighting do-gooders and some don’t really involve evil at all. Either way, a fair amount of RP occurs each month.

What’s the deal with the SED in the rose garden?
This question deals with some common mistakes made by newcomers, so LISTEN UP! In the Rose Garden, the SED is *supposed* to be silly and inept. It’s a running gag of sorts and reminds many of cheesy old TV shows and comics. Please don’t go attacking SED minions in the garden with your rocket launchers, lasers, and ultra invincible shields. It’s like ruining a good comedy with a fatal, graphic shooting.

Thwarting the SED in the garden does not involve brawn, usually. Rather, it depends on your wit and creativity. Either way, it’s not recommended that you jump into action the first minute you hear the word ‘evil’. Sit back and get an idea of how it works before adding your own brand of wackiness to the fun. Also, if SED members are present in the garden but not actively doing anything ‘evil’, then don’t go trying to thwart them – they’re probably just there to enjoy the garden like you are.

Where is the secret SED headquarters?
It’s a secret! It is accessible via the main Spindizzy map, though it may be a few rooms deep. If you do find it, perhaps you could try ringing the doorbell…

Why doesn’t Spindizzy rise up and expel the SED and its members?
Because, truthfully, Spindizzians LOVE the SED. It’s been a source of amusement and conversation over it’s many years of existence for a good number of people. The very people the SED antagonizes in the garden are the ones who enjoy it! In other words, it’s pointless to come up with a foolproof plan to remove the SED – you’ll likely be stopped by the people you figured would help you!

I want to fight against the SED in a more serious fashion (outside of the Rose Garden). How do I get started?
Contact Morticon and explain what you’d like to do. He’ll get back to you shortly and work out preliminary details before starting such an RP. Oftentimes, he’ll know of a running RP where you could join in. Either way, it’s very important that you contact Morticon BEFORE making your first strike.

Do I get special treatment for being an SED member?
Though Morticon is a wizard, you are not given special MUCK treatment due to your membership, though you will get the option of living inside the secure SED HQ. In addition, every SED member gets health and dental benefits! You may become infamous depending on your actions, so be aware of that side effect!

Is being in the SED time consuming?
Not at all. Most RPs take place only 1-3 times a week when it is convenient for everyone. You can ‘work’ as little or as often as you’d like and still retain the ability to socialize with all your other friends. It is recommended to let Morticon and other SED members know of your RP schedule.

Be aware that it can be difficult to go ‘off duty’. If your character is generally nice, affectionate, and caring, it will be difficult for them to maintain the image of being a character with an evil bent when working for the SED. In cases like these, it is recommended that you acquire an alt for SED RPs.

I want to join the SED! What do I do?
Contact Morticon and express your desire to do so. Please note that the SED only ‘hires’ high quality RPers that are willing to take the initiative. Many of the RPs are freeform – that is, not using any stat sheets. Usually, Morticon will have you observe one or more RPs currently in progress to give you a feel for how things go. If you’re still interested after that, he’ll want you to demonstrate your RP skills. Finally, if all that works out, the specific details of joining are left between you, him, and the other members of the SED. Don’t be scared off by all this, though. Many Spindizzians are capable of becoming SED members, if they wanted to.

Does the SED do contract work?
Yes! From scientific applications (body alterations, etc.) to pure mercenary work, with the right reward the SED will work for you! Contact Morticon for details. Just be aware of who you are dealing with. 🙂