Celebrating Years and Years of Whimsy and Imagination
The World’s Fair and the Summer and Winter Carnivals FAQ

Q. What is the SpinDizzy World’s Fair?
A. The World’s Fair is a celebration of the various cultures found on SpinDizzy and an opportunity to gather a crowd and have fun together. It combines elements of a world’s fair or expo (pavilions celebrating different cultures, demonstrations of technology) and that of a county or state fair (judging of produce and livestock, equestrian and demolition derby events).

Q. What are the Summer and Winter Carnivals?
A. The carnivals are smaller-scale events that include some of the elements of the World’s Fair but focus more on the entertainment aspect and less on education and culture.

Q. Where are the World’s Fair and the Carnivals held?
A. The events are all held at Edgeworld Park (S4 E10), an amusement park and fairground built especially for the first World’s Fair. The rides half of the park continues to operate between events, but the fairground half opens for the World’s Fair and the Carnivals.

Q. When is the SpinDizzy World’s Fair held?
A. The World’s Fair is held in odd-numbered years in the three weekends surrounding Labor Day in the U.S., with Labor Day weekend being the middle weekend. Events are also held during the weeks between those weekends, though the greatest density of events tends to be during the weekends.

Q. When is the Summer Carnival held?
A. The Summer Carnival is held in years when neither a World’s Fair nor a Summer Olympics is held. (The Summer Olympics years are the same as those of the Earth Summer Olympics.) A summer carnival has not yet been held, but it will probably take place over the long Labor Day weekend.

Q. When is the Winter Carnival held?
A. The winter carnival is held in years when there is no Winter Olympics. (The Winter Olympics years are the same as those of the Earth Winter Olympics.) The date for the Winter Carnival has not yet been fixed, but it will probably continue to be held for a weekend in February as the first one in 2012 was.

Q. When was the first World’s Fair held? When will the next one be held?
A. The first World’s Fair was held in 2010. The second was held in 2011, after Sally suggested holding them during odd years to avoid future conflict with the Olympics. The third will take place in 2013.

Q. Who is responsible for the World’s Fair and the carnivals?
A. BunnyHugger conceived of and ran the first World’s Fair. Subsequently she has been assisted by others including Sally, Claude, and Azure. ¬†For information on these events or to join the organizing committee, contact BunnyHugger by page #mail.