Celebrating Years and Years of Whimsy and Imagination
Welcome to SpinDizzy!

SpinDizzy is a muck where users do what they enjoy, and share what they love with others, bring their imaginations, sense of humor, and flights of whimsy to share with friends. It’s a place to experiment, to discuss and explore new ideas and discover new ways of looking at things. They help build places never imagined, explore where no one has dared set foot, paw, wing, or fin.

Enjoy what you want, with the support and encouragement of others!

But just what is SpinDizzy? Is it a floating island in space? …in the ocean? …in some strange void? Was it settled by strange visitors from other worlds, or by refugees from a place that no longer exists? Was it created by magic? …built by technologically advanced creatures? Or did it just break off some planet in a cataclysm of meteoric catastrophe? Is it something entirely different? Is it the folks who live here that make it what it is? Is it the air, the trees, the landscape? Is it the variety of folks and interests and opinions we have?

Or is it all of these? Or none of them? No one really knows for sure.

…perhaps you can be the one to find out.