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Winter Carnival Brings Snow, Smiles, Sculptures to Edgeworld Park

The Winter Carnival returned to SpinDizzy’s Edgeworld Park on February 15. The Carnival kicked off with the traditional ice sculpture contest in the Center Plaza, outside the Grand Carousel. Local artists created the glittering sculptures using both traditional tools and magic as spectators gathered around, drinking hot chocolate and offering encouragement.

After the sculptures were completed, a vote was opened in order to determine winners in several categories. The awards for both cutest and most original sculpture went to Garrison for his depiction of Morticon with his newly-adopted son, Zen. Sora and Tzann’s collaboration, a portrait of Tzann (dragon) in ice, was named most beautiful. The overall best in show award went to Harmony for the exquisitely detailed “Castle Frostspire.” Full results are printed at the end of this article.

Other carnival events included a skating party on the Edgeworld Rink (created by flooding and freezing the Grandstand area of the fairground), a “Kara-Snowy-Oke” party in the Starlight Ballroom, and a massive snowball fight orchestrated by Morticon. The Carnival concluded with a special wintry Art Ambush held by Garrison.

The Winter Carnival will not return until 2015, as there will be a Winter Olympics in its place next year.

1. Garrison, “Father and Son”
2. BunnyHugger, “Bunny-Dern Wedding”
3. Austin, “Austin’s Ice Doe”

1. Sora & Tzann, “Ice: Tzann”
2. Featherwing, “The Many Forms of Featherwing”
3. Aleph & Beltrami, “Aleph/Beltrami Ice Trophy”

1. Garrison, “Father and Son”
2. Austin, “Austin’s Ice Doe”
3. GreenKai, “Albian Ice Sculpture”
3. BunnyHugger, “Bunny-Dern Wedding”
3. Featherwing, “The Many Forms of Featherwing”

1. Harmony, “Castle Frostspire”
2. Garrison, “Father and Son”
3. Featherwing, “The Many Forms of Featherwing”