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Getting Started

You can connect to SpinDizzy as a Guest, or as a character. If you have experienced playing on mucks before, then all you need is the address for your client: muck.spindizzy.org port 7072 (SSL port 7073). If you don’t have a client on your system, you can use this web client instead.

For ease of use, it is recommended that you download and use a client.  Here are a few you can choose from; this is by no means an exhaustive list.  All of the links below will open in a new window/tab.

Please try more than one if you don’t like the first you download; affinity towards MUCK/MUD clients is a surprisingly personal thing where people’s tastes tend to vary wildly.  There are also many more out there, so search around too, and ask other MUCKers what they use.

If you need assistance configuring your client to use SSL, or have SSL issues in general, try this link.

Things New Players Should Know

Being a summary of useful commands and utilities, by Xor, local boolean.

Getting a Character

If you’re ready to make your first character, please read the AUP first.  That’s our Acceptable Use Policy, and what you agree to abide by when playing on SpinDizzy.  We’re pretty easy-going, but there’s a few rules to make sure the MUCK remains fun for everyone.

The easiest way to get a character is to sign on as a guest as described above and then ask a Wizard to make you a character.  Type “wizzes” to see the list of wizards and then “p wizardname=message” (e.g. p skyler=I would like a character!) to make the request.

If there are no wizards available, you can request your first character by email.  Just send a message with the character name and a return email address to: “character AT spindizzy.org”,  or use the form below.

If you’re wanting an ‘alt’ character (an additional character), then please page or talk to a wizard using your existing character.  Thanks!

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